Crew Report - 6 Sept 11

September 06, 2011 at 8:21 PM


August 11th we started removing the # 12022 engine from Blue II in preparation for the installation of a new, 12023-5, engine from RFI.

August 16th , the new engine arrived, but it had never been run before even on a test stand. On first start up, cylinders #5 & 6 weren’t working well at all, there was a major oil leak and the ECU program needed major work.

The oil leak was the easy fix. Cylinders 5&6 work much better at the higher power settings and appear to be “coming in” as we get more time on the engine but still do not work real well below about 4000 RPM.  After many ground runs, Fred Roscher of 51 Aero Ltd., has corrected the ECU program so that the engine runs quite well above 4500 RPM. Just a few trim adjustments to go.


As of today, we are about as ready for the races as we have ever been. However, as you can see in the photo, on the last flight we had another water cooler door actuator failure.

Aside from this Reno Air Race preparation update, the real purpose of this report is to make sure all of our fans, supporters and sponsors know they are invited to the American Air Racing open house, an event we call Thunderstorm, held during the races September 14th through the 18th. We will be fast enough to be a contender and we will race hard enough so that the faster entries will have to beat us.

I hope to see everyone next week.

John Parker

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