Crew Report - 4 Aug 11

August 04, 2011 at 8:05 PM

We had a very successful week at the Oshkosh AirVenture 2011. The crew did an outstanding job of answering all sorts of questions. The most repeated one was, “What kind of engine is in Blue?"

We made some initial contact with PPG Industries about possible sponsorship which I will be procuring in the next couple of months. They gave us some sample products and they have the best cleaner wax I have ever seen.

It removes the exhaust stain very easily and leaves a brilliant shine to the finish. I will have more information on this product in the next report.

I might mention that my old friend Paul Poberezny dropped by for a photo opportunity.

The return trip to Reno went as smoothly as could be expected except for the start. I was in line for departure out of Oshkosh and when it was my turn, I hit the starter switch and nothing happened.

How embarrassing. All dressed up but can’t go anywhere.

To make a long story short, Jim, Mike and Fred replaced the start relay and after a minimal two hour delay, I was on my way back to the Blue Thunder bunker on the Stead airport which took only 6hrs.and 46 minutes which included a fuel stop. Post examination of the faulty relay found that it was full of water from the Oshkosh rains.

We are now in a rush to prepare Blue Thunder II for the Reno Air Races next month. We will be competing in the Sport Class and hope we do well enough to keep the fast guys honest, put on a good show, and make our sponsors proud.

Speaking of the races, I would like to remind everyone that they are invited to attend "Thunderstorm 2011" which is the American Air Racing open house held during the Reno Air Races September 12th through the 18th.

Those of you flying in with your Thunder Mustang, please leave the canopy closed and the tail wheel unlocked and the Blue Crew will supply all the ground support required.

Call us at 775-677-4860 and let us know when you will arrive, or that you have arrived, and we will tow you in to our ramp from the no prop turn line.
Blue Thunder will be appearing at one more show, after the races, on October 5th at the "Gathering of Mustangs" in Vacaville, CA. Come out and enjoy the show.

I see I have run off the front page so I will close for now with the traditional thanks to all of Blue Thunder’s Fans and Sponsors for your continued support.

John Parker

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