Crew Report - 30 Oct 13

November 07, 2013 at 8:02 PM

Mustang Days October 12, 2013 was a tremendous success.


Roger Cain was taking photos out of the emergency exit window of a Twin Beach and I hope he has some better pictures he plans to publish in some of the magazines he takes photos for.  The Beach was only going 140 Kts and Blue Thunder II was having a little trouble slowing down.  Brant Segetti, flying Fred Roscher’s #51 Miss Picabo, did a fine job flying on the Beach and leading back to the Nut Tree airport.


The weather for the show could not have been more pleasant and was attended by slightly more than ten thousand people.  If the five Thunder Mustangs in attendance were not the center of attention, they were very close to it.

We are having a lot of problems getting the dyno testing done on the standard TM engine due to the lack of a fully instrumented and permitted dyno within a reasonable distance of our facility.


Blue’s air show engine is the same mechanically as all other Thunder Mustang engines except the MoTeC ECUs are M600s instead of the standard M48s, and uses MAP/BAP based load calculations instead of throttle position.  The fuel and ignition maps we hope to develop, verified by the dyno results, would be valid for the M-48 controlled engines should the owners wish to switch to the MAP/BAP based load calculations.


As soon as the dyno testing is complete, we will install it in Blue, complete the 2014 conditional inspection, and be ready for the 2014 show schedule which is WIP at this time.  As part of the 2014 schedule, I plan to attend some SARL events and investigate the possibility of setting a NAA/FAI C1-c speed record for 500 kilometers in conjunction with the AirVenture Cup.  I think this would bring more attention to both the record attempt and the AirVenture Cup.

Some late news on the business side is we may have picked up Nitrous Express as a new partial sponsor.  I have signed an advertizing contract with them but they have not come across with their responsibility yet.  We will know when the check shows up.  Assuming NX joins the team we will be looking for just two more $2500.00 sponsors so that we can go to the AirVenture Cup with enough resources to make the record attempt a success for us as well as the event sponsors.

I will send out another report after the dyno testing is complete to let everyone know what we discovered.  In the mean time, I hope all had a Happy Halloween and are looking forward for Thankful Thanksgiving.

Again, thank you all for your support and patronage of our sponsors.

John and Jan Parker

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