Crew Report - 3 Apr 16

April 03, 2016 at 4:46 PM


The Blue Thunder Team is happy to announce a new partnership with Exotic Engine Development LLC here in Reno, Nevada.  Exotic Engines specializes in engine development for all levels of street and racing engines specializing in Viper V-10 engines as well as other high performance engines.  Please visit their web page here.

Kevin Singleton, manager of Exotic Engines, is now directing the overhaul and upgrade of his forth Falconer V-12.  He has just finished the upgrade of the Blue Thunder air show engine the Blue Crew plans to use in the AirVenture Cup race.

Overhauling the Falconer V-12 engines is a natural extension of Exotic’s business because the V-12 has so many similar characteristics as the V-10s. The overhaul and upgraded uses more modern parts than what were available back when Ryan first built the engines some 10 to 15 years ago.



The upgrades start with new main and rod bearings that can withstand the hard pounding of any pre ignition or detonation.


The crank shaft is polished and balanced.



The heads are cleaned up and valve seats updated if required then given a three angle grind.  The valves are polished and the ports cleaned up.



The cam is polished or replaced if required and installed per the OEM specifications.  Another major modernization are the 1 MM rings, raised deck pistons and stronger pin all adding to increased reliability.



Another major step forward in reliability is the installation of the new hydraulic lifters that are a takeoff of a GM design that is proprietary to Exotic Engines.  The lifters have a shorter stroke but faster reaction and eliminates the need for any of the old T-bar parts.



An additional oil inlet to the block is added to the rear end of the main oil galley for better oil feed to the engine.  The fitting is a 964510 and some clearanceing on the accessory drive case is required to facilitate the B-nut of the hose that feeds the oil to it.

The engine is assembled is an environmentally controlled clean room.  The final assembly is tested on a fully instrumented engine dynamometer using Superflow software.

The first question everyone will ask is, How Much?  Assuming that no additional parts will have to be replaced such as rods, cam, valves or valve seats, the answer is between $18 to $19K.  The removal and installation of the engine in your TM is something additional to be considered. The Crew here at AAR could do the R&R of your engine at the AAR facility with an estimated price of $5K but a T&M agreement would probably benefit our customers.

Blue Thunder II is ready for the first test hop with the new engine.  The Mojave Experimental Fly in is coming up in two weeks, I hope to see you there.


John Parker

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