Crew Report - 24 Oct 15

October 24, 2015 at 8:12 AM

I gave an accounting of the AirVenture Cup Race a week or so ago and now I have only two more reports to catch up on the air shows Blue has attended.  This one will cover the Oshkosh Convention.  Anyone that has attended the conventions knows that it is so overwhelming that it is impossible to see everything that is there in a week and this year was no exception.

Our display location this year was again at the East end of Conoco/Phillips Square right next to the flight line, one of the best spots on the airport to watch the air show each day.  This picture shows Blue sitting along the flight line watching the air show while the crew reclined in the shade behind the RARA tent.


As I mentioned in the AirVenture Cup Race report, Blue developed an oil leak that was extremely troublesome.  Much of our time at the convention was tracing down the oil leak which we could not find.  One of the items that delayed our work was that Blue had to be towed to a maintenance area to do any engine runs we wanted to see if we had fixed the leak.  Jim, Fred and I replaced a few suspicious lines, tightened as many fittings as we could and thought that we had fixed the leak, but the flight back to Reno revealed that we hadn’t.  The leak was found while removing the Cup Race engine to be replaced with the Reno Race engine.  It was a cracked AN816-4D in the PSRU that was causing the problem.

Inbound to OSH, Barry had a misfiring problem with Blue Nose so Jim spent a lot of time working with Barry to get Blue Nose operational.

It is difficult to judge how much success we had at Oshkosh because there is no win, lose or draw that can be displayed.  All in all though, it was a good event for the team meeting and greeting our sponsors, fans and contacting other potential sponsors.

By now, everyone knows that the Blue Thunder Team won the Sport Gold races.   My next report will cover the Reno Air Races in detail.  I will include a few details of what we are doing this winter to prepare for the 2016 shows and events.

Thanks as always for everyone's support.

John Parker

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