Welcome to Blue Thunder Air Racing!

Why do we do what we do?

The hair on your neck is standing straight up. Your eyes strain as you stare, closely observing shimmering objects in the distance. You feel your muscles tighten; you feel the electricity in the air. Amongst the wind, your ears begin to detect the faint sound of shear, raw, unimaginable horsepower, echoing off the distant mountains. The faint sound turns into symphonic vibrations of harmony, ever increasing in intensity.

Your eyes now have a lock on multiple, sharply angled aircraft. The mechanical music still grows, your muscles tighten, your eyes widen. The rush of power blasts by in a shattering roar as the thunder travels through your ears and down to your feet, then another, and another and still more. As the sound fades, the machines grow small, but the intensity remains. Your heart pounding, your adrenaline flowing, your body shaking, you have just witnessed the first lap, of an air race.

We get the same feeling!

Blue Thunder Air Racing Team is a dedicated group of professionals who campaign a Thunder Mustang at the Reno Air Races in the Sport Division. They have been involved with air racing for nearly 40 years. Our team is determined to see the expansion of air racing to encompass more people, places, and most importantly, more sponsors.

We believe through increased exposure comes increased interest in both the plane and in the wonderful products that we use and believe in offered by our valued sponsors.

With your support, air racing will grow to have events throughout the country. With your interest, more people will be exposed to the sport and become fans. With your participation, you will see why so many people have become completely committed and addicted to this unique sport.

To some, it's a sport. To us it's a way of life.

Blue Thunder Air Racing supports our men and women in uniform.

Blue Thunder Air Racing would like to thank its sponsors; their generous support makes it all possible.